Hey there! Find out why our favorite umpa lumpa is so orange!

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Donald Trump

1: Firstly you need a big bucket of oranges and place them in a mega blender 2: Next you will need to add some salt and blend for a couple hours 3: Chuck in some umpalumpas with a good chunk on corn skin 4: Stir well without making splashes (or else it will burn a hole on the bench) 5: Put approximately a gallon of orange spray tan and turn up the heat 6: Write down some insults on a piece of paper and carefully place in the pot. 7: Stir and slowly bring to boil 8: Once you see wrinkly bubbles appear it means you are on track! 9: Leave in the fringe at minus 1034 degrees over night 10: Once defrosted pour in the PVA glue and orange paint 11: Gently pour into the Donald face molds and let dry 12: Carefully tap the mold to help it come out 13: And there you are! All done!

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